Yogogear make yogobolsters. The inflatable traveling yoga bolster designed for the Yoga practitioner on the move
yogobolster rolled for travel yogogbolster unrolled for yoga opening the yogobolster valve inflating the yogobolster Adho Mukha Virasana Adho Mukha Svanasana Across bolsters Uttanasana adjusting the valve in asana Adho Mukha Vrkasana Supta Baddha Konasana Adho Mukha Swastikasana Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Supta Virasana Pranayama Be in your breath Be on your breath
YoGoBolster at a glance
  • Weighs a mere 500 grams
  • Small enough to pop in a shoulder bag
  • Inflate by mouth to a fullsize Yoga bolster
  • Adjust with ease the air pressure to suit your specific weight and each asana
  • No pressure points or 'digging' on the body
  • Yogobolster comes with a 100% cotton cover in a choice of 17 different exciting colours and patterns to suit all
Price:   $NZ66.00  (+GST for NZ residents)
Freight free for NZ residents.

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DISCOUNTS for multiple YoGoBolster purchases (e.g. buy 2 YoGoBolsters pay only NZ$58.00* each)     * NZ residents will attract 15% GST

OPTIONAL EXTRA   YoGoBag for your YoGoBolster

YogoBag shown
A purpose made cotton carry-bag with draw-string to carry and protect your YoGoBolster

Available in navy or black

Price: $NZ4.35   (+GST for NZ residents)

Further YoGoBolster information
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  • YoGoBolster's quality BPA-free valve is fully accessible at all times to quickly and easily inflate or deflate the bolster
  • It adapts extremely well in all asanas where a conventional yoga bolster is traditionally used
  • YoGoBolster is lighter to handle and easier to place in position than a conventional bolster
  • The cushion of air supports you evenly throughout the contact area
  • It's inherent design and flowing properties ensures an easy comfortable transition from buttock to back when in restorative asana
  • As the body softens and opens in restorative asanas the bolster will respond automatically to the new form required.
  • Even further opening can be achieved by slowly releasing air through the easy twist valve whilst maintaining the asana.
  • Totally adjustable in height and won't collapse when used on it's end for head support
  • Except when used on it's end for support, the bolster is rarely more than half-inflated and can even be deflated to use in lieu of a blanket.
  • YoGoBolster has no zip on the outer cover that could potentially damage the internal bladder and cause air leaks
  • When finished with, it can simply be rolled up, stored with your Yoga kit or popped in a travel bag and taken anywhere
  • Perfect for the travelling Yoga teacher, for taking on a retreat or for the Yoga school where space is at a premium
  • YoGoBolsters are being used by senior teachers and practitioners at workshops and conventions in America, UK, Canada, Europe, India, NZ, Bali, Australia and Japan
  • Bolster bladder specifications
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