YoGoBolster bolster bladder specifications

Yogobolsters are hand-made by craftsmen in the Dunedin factory
Material: A high quality spread-coated PVC on a plain weave polyester cloth that has been acrylic laquer coated for extra protection.
Resistance to damage by Fleming:YogoBolster bladders have been subjected to 55,000 flexes without signs of cracking.
Weight: 600 grams per square metre
Base Fabric: 110 Dtex. polyester 20 x 20
Accelerated aging: Not greater than 7% weight loss
U.V. Resistance: Thermal and U.V. treated (5 year limited U.V. Warranty)
Tensile Strength: Warp - 2600 N       Weft - 2200 N
Tear Strength: Warp - 390 N       Weft - 340 N

YoGoBolster bladders are hand-made in the Dunedin factory where every bladder is individually pressure tested prior to dispatch