Mouse over the cover colour to view the bolster

black cover

Koru blue
koru blue cover

Olive green
olive green cover

turquoise cover

Sunset red
sunset red cover

Golden hearts
golden hearts cover

Emerald Lillies
emerald lillies cover

Olive waves
olive waves cover

Chocolate wave
chocolate waves cover

Navy waves
navy waves cover

Sea Lillies
sea lillies cover

Golden Lillies
Golden Lillies cover

Rose Lillies
Rose Lillies cover

Emerald Hearts
emerald hearts cover

OM Krishna rosewood
Om Krishna Rosewood cover

OM Krishna guava
Om Krishna guava cover

OM Shiva
Om Shiva cover

Please note:
Colours may differ slightly with various computer and mobile screen settings.
Due to the current high demand we are experiencing, some of the cover styles shown above will soon become unavailable.